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Experts in the development and delivery of Public Art Strategies, Cultural Placemaking Strategies, Public Art Commissions, Meanwhile Interventions and temporary Public Art Programming

What we do

Highly experienced in developing unique and unexpected creative collaborations between artists, architects, engineers, developers, local authorities and corporate organisations


Unparalleled contact network within contemporary art including major and emerging artists, public and commercial galleries, regional, national and international museums & arts institutions, alongside architectural practices, landscape designers, structural engineers, lighting specialists, fabricators, project managers and curators

The Contemporary Art Society (CAS) has been a key agent in developing the cultural ecology in the UK, one of the most dynamic cultural scenes in the world, since 1909. CAS Consultancy (CASC) is fundamentally committed to promoting the value of arts and culture in our society.

Cultural activity plays a significant role in how cities and their communities are defined; our conviction is that creative practitioners can help both place and communities express their distinct identities meaningfully. Culture enhances our experiences and helps us to define who we are, encouraging a sense of belonging and connection to place. Culture is dynamic and evolving – it is shaped by people and rooted in place and context. 

Our fees support the organisation’s 
charitable mission:
 to develop public collections across the UK for the benefit of audiences everywhere 

Cultural placemaking is increasingly at the forefront of how we think about making great places and thriving communities. Arts and cultural activity enhance the liveability of cities, creating distinctive narratives of place that build local identity, pride of place and an enhanced visitor offer. Public art can play an important role in establishing cities as world-class cultural destinations, animating public realm and creating an environment full of interest and imagination. We firmly believe that art in the public realm contributes to the texture and depth of our cities, creating opportunities for artists, commissioners and communities to understand, question and celebrate the diverse character of place. 

Through partnership with clients, stakeholders, community and cultural institutions, we work collaboratively to develop strategies that enhance and complement existing cultural activity, respond to the local context to generate distinctive narratives of place, contribute to economic and social value and sustain vibrant local communities. Working collaboratively with project stakeholders and communities, we develop and deliver permanent and temporary public art alongside cultural exchange and partnership networks to programme the public realm and build important cultural ecologies. We offer innovative, thoughtful and practical approaches to art in the public realm, balancing social engagement with placemaking.


Creating immersive and inclusive places for all is at the heart of our placemaking vision.


Working with artists and audiences to harness the dynamic power of pop up culture.


Supporting creative hubs and engaging communities to explore their creative potential.

meet the *team

*always Bespoke

What percentage of *consultancy fees go towards CAS charitable giving?

100% of *consultancy profits are returned to the larger Contemporary Art Society to acquire new works from living artists for public museums and galleries in the UK.

Where do I find information on emerging contemporary artists?

*consultancy has strong relationships with internationally recognised artists and their galleries as well as an enviable reputation spotting talent in emerging and mid-career artists. We present our clients with longlists of great artists to choose from, ensuring their practices and methodologies are in keeping with project and brand aims.

Can *consultancy manage every aspect from concept through to installation of our project? 

We are leaders in the field with decades of experience driving highly complex projects from inspiration through to installation. We listen carefully to our clients, understanding their ambitions, budgets and timeframes for a project and tailoring programmes that are deliverable artworks of merit and integrity.