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*always Bespoke

How will *consultancy find the right artist for my project?

We listen to our clients to get a deeper understanding of why they want art and what the opportunities (and limitations) of their project might look like. We have a vast network of artists, galleries, museums and universities to call upon for support and work hard to ensure we get the right artist for the job. We produce longlists of great artists to share with our clients, ensuring their practices and methodologies are in keeping with project and brand aims.

What type of Workplace Wellness programmes can *consultancy deliver to my team?

We are always looking at new trends in the workplace and are excited by the pick up of Wellness programmes. We talk to our clients to understand their ambitions and are able to bring artists into the workplace to deliver making workshops, lunch and learn lectures, mindfulness performance or even alternative history tours!

How do I use art to promote our workplace – can *consultancy arrange an installation and PR?

At *consultancy we recognise the cultural capital art brings to workplaces and we work closely with clients to broker strong relationships with artists. We develop projects that are bespoke to their locations and work with press and communications partners to ensure word gets out!

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