CAS Consultancy commissions Vienna-based artist Angelika Loderer

CAS *consultancy works with Angelika Loderer to create a site-specific sculpture for a London-based corporate client

For the central-London commission, Loderer is reinvestigating a process she first employed for works that were shown at Vienna Secession in 2017 and Basis, Frankfurt in 2015.

The new work, which will be developed for our client’s main reception space in Marylebone, is a series of sculptural works that are made from the detritus of the casting process itself. Loderer’s works employ moulding sand or silica, which is used in the casting process, but leaves no trace on traditional casts.

Loderer uses the sand to ‘build’ fragile and temporary sculptures, alluding to the process of casting metal and creating a dialogue between the durability of the one and the ephemeral quality of the other. Her work is currently on show in London at The Sunday Painter as part of the collaborative exhibition of international galleries Condo Complex, where she presents her work with her gallery, Sophie Tappeiner.


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