Aspen Online Art Award relaunched for 2017 as the Aspen Digital Art Award

The Aspen Online Art Award has been relaunched for 2017 as the Aspen Digital Art Award, doubling in value from £5,000 to £10,000 and allowing a greater range of work to be considered before the winning artist is selected. The award, which has been running for three years, has also expanded internationally to reflect Aspen’s global presence, with students who have graduated from prestigious art schools in New York and Zurich eligible for nomination for the first time.

The award was set up in partnership with the Contemporary Art Society in 2013 to uncover the most exciting young talent in the field of digital art, a new and rapidly emerging practice.

Previous winning artworks have included virtual worlds created from the unique digital fingerprints of users, anonymous dancers navigating through websites and a Chinese digital landscape painting.

Aspen’s involvement with the prize and with digital art represents Aspen’s commitment to cutting-edge creative practice. The award also reflects the Contemporary Art Society’s mission to identify and support emerging artists and to provide a platform to showcase important new work for the benefit of audiences across the country.

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