CAS Consultancy appointed to deliver the Royal Docks Cultural Placemaking Strategy

CAS Consultancy has been appointed by the Mayor of London to deliver the Royal Docks Cultural Placemaking Strategy. Working in collaboration with design and planning consultants Fluid, our work will develop a creative, sustainable and inclusive strategy for this historically rich and culturally significant part of London.

Our work on major-scale cultural strategies, like the City of London’s Culture Mile, demonstrate the importance of a fine-grain understanding of how cultural programming contributes to placemaking, and as importantly to community wellbeing. We’re delighted to have the opportunity to work with the local creative community, residents and stakeholders to consider the place of culture within the Royal Docks and what it will take to make the area a vibrant centre for cultural activity in the years to come.


Building creative hubs, engaging the creative community and providing the artwork to inspire and encourage creativity.


Placemaking is at the art of what we do learning about the place and providing
Great Art for Great Places.


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