CAS Consultancy focus: thought leadership

February saw Consultancy members participating in conferences in London, Amsterdam and Doha.

As a key contributor to the Urban Land Institute’s Including Culture in Development guide, Consultancy Head Fabienne Nicholas presented at the ULI’s Europe Conference Creative Placemaking Forum. ULI is the oldest and largest network of cross-disciplinary real estate and land use experts in the world, which through its members sets standards of excellence in development practice. Fabienne’s contribution to this new forum highlighted the value of cultural placemaking in contemporary urban infrastructure and the pivotal role our work is playing in its delivery.

In London, Consultancy Producers Jordan Kaplan and Megan O’Shea delivered presentations featuring our work with the University of Bristol and the London School of Economics and Political Science as part of Public Art in the Urban Landscape, a one-day conference hosted by Tate Modern, London.

Public engagement, placemaking and strategies for play in public art practice were the subject of Megan O’Shea’s presentation to delegates in Doha at the end of February as part of FutureEverything’s Public Art Forum, in partnership with the British Council.

CAS Consultancy’s work advocating for and delivering arts and cultural placemaking is increasingly recognised as exemplary and we are proud to contribute to debates about the design and development of thriving, equitable and sustainable cities.



Building creative hubs, engaging the creative community and providing the artwork to inspire and encourage creativity.


Placemaking is at the art of what we do learning about the place and providing
Great Art for Great Places.


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