Our Approach

Our public art and cultural strategies are robust frameworks for the future, offering practical guidance and sustainable methodologies for delivery. Generated through a collaborative and listening approach, our work builds trust within communities and a shared vision for better places. Arts and culture are essential components in successful development - making places where people want to be and contributing to long-term economic and social return. We offer strategic approaches to the integration of quality public art and cultural programmes that bring life to our towns and cities. Our approach is people-centred, developed collaboratively with stakeholders and communities to deliver sustainable creative futures. No two places are the same, so we work with the grain of the place, responding to and reflecting the unique qualities and opportunities of a location.

Their deeply consultative approach enabled CAS to develop a really effective strategy, which was an integral part of achieving planning approval in 2018. Their consultative process was clear and engaging, with excellent communication channels established and relationships built effectively across the stakeholder groups. They translated our vision ambitiously and presented curatorial ideas in the context of public art best practice, prompting new thinking as to what the role of public art can be in the masterplan. Their expertise and management of the process has helped immensely with internal governance approvals and avoided what can often be a difficult arena for public art commissions.

Luigi Scalera, Project Leader

University of Cambridge, Estate Management

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Community First

In every community, there are people with perspective insight on the area’s history, cultures and communities and many other aspects. By co-creating cultural strategies relevant to the​ community with the community, we seek to harness energy, imagination and local knowledge. In partnership with established communities, we develop context specific, meaningful cultural experiences which people want and will value. 

Our Specialists

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