Fabienne Nicholas steps down after 14 years leading the Consultancy team

We announce that, after 14 amazing years leading the Consultancy team and building a highly successful practice, Fabienne Nicholas will be stepping down from the role at the end of April.  She feels the time is ripe for her to explore new directions and focus more closely on creative projects, and we wish her every success with, no doubt dazzling, future endeavours.

Colin Ledwith, who has been with CAS for two years now, will be taking on the leadership of the Consultancy team, ensuring a smooth transition.  We look forward to introducing him to anyone in the CAS family he has not already met.

Fabienne Nicholas, Head of CAS Consultancy said: Working with the Contemporary Art Society to bring great art to great places has been an extraordinary experience – and I feel immensely proud of what we as a team have been able to achieve. From shepherding the first statue of a woman into Parliament Square to turning the world upside down at London School of Economics, this has personally been an incredible journey. I leave, with some sadness, a tremendously creative team, who will I’m sure carry on delivering stellar projects, and an organisation that I have the greatest respect for. To all the artists, clients, partners and colleagues that I have had the honour of working with through the years, I offer my thanks and deepest gratitude.

Colin Ledwith, Deputy Head of CAS Consultancy said: I am honoured to have been given the opportunity to build upon the exemplary body of work Fabienne Nicholas has shaped during her tenure as Head of Consultancy. 

Her vision, insight and unshakeable belief in the power of art to shape change and make a difference to people’s lives has been an inspiration. I look forward to leading our specialist team developing a range of projects for private and corporate clients, creating art in the public realm, and delivering strategic frameworks for inspirational placemaking. 


Building creative hubs, engaging the creative community and providing the artwork to inspire and encourage creativity.


Placemaking is at the art of what we do learning about the place and providing
Great Art for Great Places.


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