Growing the Aspen Collection in New York

Over the past few months the Art Consultancy has been curating new additions to Aspen’s important global collection of contemporary art.  Having recently expanded their Madison Avenue office to a second floor, the team have been unearthing new works from New York artists, working with Aspen’s architects, who have specifically designed the new space to showcase the collection.

Aspen has a proud history of supporting the local art ecology of the cities they are based in, and New York is no different, with over twenty new paintings, photographs and digital works sourced from some of the Lower East Side’s most exciting galleries for emerging and mid-career artists.

Paintings by Nathaniel Axel, Tyson Reeder, John Finneran, Justin Orvis Steimer, James Hoff, Rosson Crow and Ali Silverstein are amongst the new additions to the collection, alongside a new commission from Ye Hongxing, which will be delivered in the autumn.

The entire Aspen collection, with now over 300 works can be seen here

More information about the Art Consultancy’s work with Aspen can be found here


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