Imagine a Memorial for the 21st century

Southwark Council has appointed the Contemporary Art Society and formed a panel to commission a new contemporary public artwork for Walworth in South London. As well as being a symbolic piece of contemporary art, it will serve as a 21st Century memorial to war and conflict.

Located within the new Walworth Square on Walworth Rd, to be established as part of the Elephant Park development, the memorial site will be used for reflection, commemoration and remembrance; a marker in time and somewhere that can inspire us to look forward as we remember the past.

Artist Albert Potrony has been commissioned by the CAS Art Consultancy to deliver an Engagement Programme, working with curator Vivienne Reiss to inform the brief for a new public artwork for Southwark’s Walworth Square. Since May, Albert has been working with local communities including Espascio Mama, St John’s Primary School, Creation Trust and the British Legion considering issues around the meanings and uses of contemporary memorials.

There are two public events in August where you can come along and share your thoughts:

Saturday 13th August, 10am to 3pm, East Street Market. Join Albert and Vivienne at his stall, where he and Cuming Museum curator Judy Aitken will be offering local people the chance to discover the Museum’s historic collection of World War One artefacts.

Saturday 20th August, 11am to 4pm, Imperial War Museum. This event will focus on one object in the Museum collection, an embroidered bedsheet made by a prisoner of war during World War Two.

Join us at these events to take part in activities exploring ideas of conflict, resilience, friendship and support, while contributing to discussions about the purpose of a contemporary space for memorial in Walworth.


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