Reflections on our changing times

At CAS Consultancy, the role of culture in connecting people and places sits at the heart of our work. Circumstances have definitely changed, and we are adapting and thinking creatively. We are building resilience into our ongoing projects and supporting clients in thinking about new modes of delivery. It is no longer a matter of ‘business as usual’, but an acceptance and understanding of the importance of managing change and embracing adaptability. These new conditions are daunting, but we are incredibly proud of our partners’, clients’ and artists’ responses to the challenges each new day currently brings.

We are thinking about civic space when there is no public, and how to connect communities and build audiences in virtual space instead. This is thinking that can have positive longer term implications for activating private as well as public space and reaching people who have traditionally lacked access to culture – more profoundly needed in a time of social distancing. Like communities across the globe, CAS Consultancy hope the quick response to the current situation with COVID 19 and its impact on arts and culture will have a positive impact on the future of creative collaboration. We are looking at new partnerships, new content and new ways to bring great art to great places.

These have been long, stressful days across the globe and in every home. We don’t pretend otherwise. But we take comfort in the genuine care and consideration we have seen from all our partners in this incredible new world. Let’s keep talking, thinking and being generous. Let’s keep imagining new possibilities and sharing our ideas. We look forward to sharing with you.

Fabienne Nicholas
Head of CAS Consultancy


Building creative hubs, engaging the creative community and providing the artwork to inspire and encourage creativity.


Placemaking is at the art of what we do learning about the place and providing
Great Art for Great Places.


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