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Workplaces and spaces are evolving to become more than simply offices. CAS Consultancy delivers creative and dynamic programmes that reflect the ethos of your organisation. From temporary exhibitions and events that address workplace wellbeing to outreach programmes targeting staff and employee interest in creativity and wellbeing, we work with you to shape new initiatives that are bespoke and speak to the aims and ambitions of your workforce and brand. We’re passionate advocates for the value of art and culture in the workplace and know that great art, tailored to the interests of an organisation, enriches the working experience this, improving workplace culture. We have a proven track record in the field and can work with you to locate the cultural potential of your business, whether online, on-site or somewhere between the two. 

CAS Consultancy has managed and developed our office’s contemporary art collection in London since 2013. During this time, they’ve impressed with their vast knowledge, reputation and connections. Together we developed an extensive, well-researched collection that reflects the values and the ethos of our firm, which is now complemented by new site-specific commissions realised in our new building. It has been clear throughout that Consultancy has a great deal of respect amongst the artists and galleries of the contemporary art world.     
Operations Director, 
Private Equity Firm, London
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